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David Mayer
Project Manager, NASA Small Spacecraft Technology Program

David Mayer is a NASA engineer, currently serving in the Small Spacecraft Technology Program as the project manager for the CubeSat Laser Infrared Crosslink (CLICK) technology demonstration and the Pathfinder Technology Demonstrator (PTD).  Dave has 30 plus years of experience flying space payloads at NASA.  He started his career supporting Space Shuttle Life Science Payloads, including Spacelab missions SLS-1 (STS-40), SLS-2 (STS-58), SL-J (STS-47), and Neuro-lab (ST-90), as well as many Space Shuttle secondary payloads between 1988-1998.  After working on the Space Station Biological Research Facility as the lead System Engineer for two years, Dave spent time on the Kepler Project, where he did system engineering and served as the Deputy Project Manager. Dave has also worked in the NASA Ames Research Center Mission Design Division on many small spacecraft proposals and development efforts.

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